Why Going Solar is Smart?

Few Reasons You Should Switch to Solar Energy

Solar energy has become increasingly popular in recent years as a source of power. Capturing rays from the sun using specially designed solar panels, the sun’s rays are then converted by the system into electricity. Consumers also use solar energy for utilities such as heating, both air and water systems.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources available, as it reduces your carbon footprint and leads to consumers being less dependent on fossil fuels. However, there are many more benefits that are a result of using solar energy. Consumers can find these benefits in terms of economics, human health, and overall convenience to the user.

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Check out our list of benefits that show why using solar energy is a smart choice.

1.  Solar Energy Leads to the Creation of Jobs

As many people are now eager to be employed in jobs that will pay well and contribute significantly to our society and economy, this industry is a shining light for people who wish for such a position.

Over the past decade, the solar energy industry added 156,000 jobs. The workforce is projected by analysts to increase even more in the years to come. Plus, these jobs cannot be outsourced, which helps the US economy.

2.  Solar Energy Allows for Cleaner Air

Pollution remains a serious health concern in many places across the world. Fossil fuels play a significant role in pollution across the globe, which contaminates the air we breathe.

Since solar energy does not use any toxic emissions found in fossil fuels, people don’t need to worry about breathing air that may be harmful. This factor is especially important as 9 out of 10 people breathe some form of unhealthy air throughout the world.

3.  Consumers Save Significant Amounts of Money

Fossil fuels are a limited resource and are significantly expensive, with the price of coal and natural gas only increasing within the past decade. Sunlight is an unlimited resource and does not have a price for being able to obtain it.

Therefore, solar energy uses an infinite resource that will not cost extra for extracting energy sources. As a result, utility bills are cheaper, and projections for annual energy expenses will be easy to make.

4.  Property Value Rises

While it is most definitely an innovation in providing a home with sustainable energy, this is not the only contributing factor that solar power offers to a home. Studies show that as demand for homes with solar energy increases, their property values are also higher than houses without solar energy sources while simultaneously selling faster.

Therefore, the money that can be made from solar energy extends to those who wish to sell their home.

5.  Solar Energy Lasts for a Long Time

While the only thing unlimited in solar energy is the sunlight received, this should not discourage consumers from converting to solar power. This is because solar panels, which process and convert the sunlight, generally tend to last 25-30 years. The output does not merely stop, as energy can still be produced afterward at a slower and less efficient rate.

Furthermore, solar panels require little to no maintenance. Solar panels do not have any internal moving parts and are mainly damaged by external factors such as wind, dirt, or debris. Solar panels are also resistant to rain, which in turn actually helps as it washes off some of the accumulated dirt and debris.

6.  Sustainability and Collective Responsibility is Encouraged

While many corporations promote innovation and efficiency to reach out to customers, sustainability and social responsibility are just as essential to an organization. Studies have found that businesses with “green energy” credentials (meaning that they use environmentally friendly practices) are a significant factor in consumer purchases.

Since solar energy is a clean and efficient method of providing power to a household, consumers can feel good as they are using a source that does not violate the principles of sustainability and responsibility.

7.  Solar Power Helps Others In Times of Need

Having a power source is essential to people throughout the world, yet not everyone can say that they have a reliable power source.

Many people face significant power outages resulting from storms and natural disasters. Therefore, solar energy has been used to minimize the damage these unfortunate events have on the population.

Because solar energy is simple, efficient, and long-lasting, communities can use it as part of the recovery process, providing much-needed power in the toughest situations.

8.  Solar Energy Uses Less Water

Nuclear energy and hydropower both use large amounts of water to produce electricity. Using water at an industrial scale can significantly damage surrounding environments while also contributing to water scarcity. According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), 1.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to water.

Solar energy does not use any water to produce electricity. If solar energy continues to rise in popularity, it has been projected by the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy that water consumption will decrease in 36 states, allowing for significantly more preservation of water.

9.  Solar Energy is one of the Leaders in the Fight Against Climate Change

While pollution is a noticeable effect of relying heavily on fossil fuels, the use of these sources also greatly affects weather patterns throughout the world. Because of the increase of carbon dioxide in the air, the retention of heat in the air increases as well. This results in some areas becoming increasingly warmer and the other regions becoming increasingly colder, an event known as climate change.

Renewable energy sources such as solar power allow for reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and fewer pollutants to be released into the air. Both of these factors lead to climate change slowing down.

Final Thoughts

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Solar power is not an innovation that benefits one particular group of people or systems. Instead, it provides benefits for the consumer, producer, and overall economy wherever one may use it. On the other hand, the environment is better off as we stop depending on limited natural resources that negatively affect the air we breathe, which in turn negatively affects our health.

Solar power is based on a simple concept that saves money and needs little maintenance to function while providing a reliable source of energy to the consumer, and a booming industry worth billions to the global economy.

With benefits all around, we highly recommend that consumers start thinking about solar power as an alternative energy source, as they make a healthy choice for themselves and the world around them.