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The 4 Steps of a Solar Investment

Step 1: Consultation


Site Evaluation
To help you determine if solar power is the right investment for, we first perform a comprehensive analysis of your electrical and your utility service provider’s rate structure and pricing policies. We then evaluate your site’s architecture to determine if solar is a viable option for your home or business.

After the financial analysis and proposal is complete and you decide that a solar power system makes sense for you, we will then move forward with final system design and engineering. Be very cautious of investing with any solar company that attempts to size/design your system without physically coming out to inspect the property.

Step 2: Finance


Making Your Solar Investment Smooth and Cost-Effective
We can help you put together a sophisticated, flexible financial package designed to meet your specific goals. Options include: HERO program financed through an annual assessment added to their property tax bill, 12 months same as cash, +1 home improvement loans, Secured project financing, capital financing and Title I home equity loans. Whether you are a home owner or a business we have a solution for you.

By using one or more of these financing options, with tax credits and accelerated depreciation, we can help you structure a financial package where in many cases the reduction in your annual energy expense will exceed your annual solar system financing costs, creating a positive cash flow from day one.

We are experts in all the bureaucratic elements of commercial solar power – rules and regulations, and tax credits, paperwork and utility certifications.


Step 3: Design & Engineer


Solar Tailored to Your needs
Once you’ve made the decision to go solar with Smart Solar Power, our engineers will conduct final structural review, prepare construction documents for the building and electrical permits, and create single-line electrical diagrams for the utility company. This precise work leads to a smooth interconnection of your solar system with the utility company at the end of the process. Before going through county permitting departments you will have the chance to see and approve all plans for the final system design.

Step 4: Install & Connect


Quality Installations and Seamless Utility Interconnection
Our installation crews have extensive experience with building regulations. We have both general and solar contractor licenses. We are committed to installing your high-performance solar electric system to exact standards – on time, within budget, and with minimal impact on your lifestyle. And unlike many solar power providers, Smart Solar Power never subcontracts your installation to third parties. Smart Solar Power is a full-service solar power provider.