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Benefits of Going Solar


Save Money NOW!

The use of solar power may help eliminate your electricity bill and allow you to become energy independent and typical payback is as little as 4 years.


The use of solar power releases no emissions into the air, thus helping prevent global warming and other pollution problems.

Renewable Energy

The sun is an infinite source of power, providing energy nearly every day. This is an advantage over other energy sources like coal and nuclear power.


Solar power can provide enough energy to power your own home and even the homes of your neighbors. If your solar panels collect enough power, the extra energy will be distributed through the power grid for others to use. With a PV system, you may never have to pay for electricity again.  A PV system is a solar panel that is set up on the roof of your home or a ground mount if you have the room on your property.


The installation process for solar panels is easy, because they attach right to your roof or ground mount. Install of PV system can be installed in as little as 3 days


The federal government, have initiated tax cuts for people choosing to install solar panels in their homes.