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6 things you need to know before you selecting a solar company.

6 Things you need to know before selecting a Solar Panel company.

Is it too expensive? Will I get a good return on investment? When do rebates end? 

What would my payments be? Can I “cut the cord” to my utility provider?  

Will solar fit on my roof? How much will I save? Why make the decision now?

 How can I trust you to decide if solar is right for my home? 

What brand is best? What inverters should I get?

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Fly-by night solar panel installers come through town and move on to the next city, never to return, but Smart Solar Power is right here, and we have lots of recommendations from your neighbors right here in Yucaipa, Calimesa, Redlands, Highland, and surrounding communities.

Smart Solar Power believes in designing the right system for each customer and stands behind every installation. Smart Solar Power will monitor your system for problems, and you’ll never need to worry again.

  • Qualified – Just about anyone can be licensed to install solar units on your roof. But problems can occur with leakage, wiring into your existing system, improper installation or mismatched components.  As a licensed contractor, you can be sure installation with Smart Solar Power will be done right the first time, or you don’t pay until you’re satisfied.
  • Honest – Just read the long list of testimonials from your neighbors. Integrity is more valuable to Smart Solar Power than any other component of the sale.
  • Local  – Smart Solar Power is located on Oak Glen Rd in Yucaipa, is active in the community and gives back to the community at every opportunity. Smart Solar Power is active in various civic service projects putting thousands of dollars each year back into the community.
  • Priced right – The installer makes all the decisions about what will actually end up in your sytem. The actual cost of a solar system is difficult to compare with another set of hardware. So many grades and types of equipment are available that only experts can truly understand the complete packaging. In addition the price can be dictated by financing options, travel time, and other costs that can confuse the decision. Hiring an honest and trusted installer is the best insurance that you get great value for your price. Smart Solar Power believes in delivering a high quality system that will provide long term trouble free operation, and Smart Solar Power will be just a few miles away to stand behind every installation. If your quote is more than another installer, it’s because you will receive better components and installation.
  • Should I lease? Several financing options are currently available, making a lease the expensive alternative compared with other possibilities. Smart Solar Power stays current on all government programs, financing options and special pricing to provide the best options for your circumstances.

Each home owner has plenty of questions about solar power today. Each home is different. Get real answers about your home’s solar potential from Smart Solar Power right now by setting up a free custom evaluation.

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